The Web has come to dominate all aspects of journalism unilaterally.

It has leveled the playing field and enabled millions of users to communicate in real-time from different ends of the globe, and the steady march of technological advancement has opened new avenues to discover, analyze report and deliver content across every department.

The Hatchet’s Web team is in the middle of significant changes to our online strategy.  We are looking for enthusiastic and skilled developers and designers to help rebuild our website and create a next-generation platform that is built to scale.  We want to build an online strategy that changes the status-quo of college news, and we are looking for your help in that process.  This is a from-the-ground-up rethinking of our web presence, and we need coders, designers and digital journalists to assist in this ambitious goal.

While working for Web, you’ll get hands on experience with current generation languages, practices and software. We use the same technology used by major companies like Netflix (Amazon Web Services) and WordPress.com (PHP and nginx), and major publications like the New York Times (jquery) and CNN (MySQL).

Do PHP, HTML5 and CSS3, WordPress, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, EC2 or S3 sound familiar? If your answer is yes, then apply now and help to prepare The Hatchet for the fast-paced and transforming world of Web.